Punjab's Pride, Your Wellness Guide

At Aasnaa, we take immense pride in our cultural 'Virsa,' weaving the rich tapestry of Punjab into the essence of our brand. Aasnaa signifies our commitment to being Punjab’s pride and your trusted wellness guide. Our brand pillars, 'Rebuilding Virasat,' 'Pind Pride,' and 'Khushiyaan in Wellness,' mirror our commitment to preserving the legacy, celebrating the strength of our villages, and spreading joy through holistic well-being.

Rebuilding Virasat

We pledge to uphold a natural and sustainable outlook deeply inspired by Punjab's verdant traditions. From field to fruition, we nurture a commitment towards rebuilding our legacy.

Pind Pride

We stand tall with Pind Pride, celebrating the simplicity, warmth, and authenticity of Punjab's pinds, where every product tells a story of rural richness.

Khushiyaan In Wellness

We value khushiyaan in every step of the wellness journey, creating products that not only nourish the body but also bring a desi smile to your soul.

Our Guiding Belief

We believe that each and every one of us is born healthy. Wellness is not something we need to chase – we need to simply look inward and liberate the body’s wonderful potential to become the strong, healthy, finely tuned natural machine it is meant to be.
Aasnaa is not only uniquely equipped to benefit from the growing popularity of Indian medical science, including Ayurveda, it is also leads the way to wider acceptance, being certified by many International bodies as well supplying a range of health and wellness products to several household names in global retail